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NDU Physical Training

We enhance the health, fitness, safety and performance of people in physically demanding roles by applying best practice and scientific knowledge to create client-focused solutions.

Providing consultancy services in Defence, Emergency Services, CBRN, Transport and Industrial markets.

  • Developing occupational physical fitness and selection standards
  • Reviewing and enhancing occupational physical training programmes
  • Ergonomic assessment of equipment
  • Monitoring occupational health & safety and developing policy
  • Developing and implementing healthy lifestyle interventions for adolescents
  • Designing physical training programmes and curricula
  • Measuring human performance in extreme environments and PPE
  • Analysis of injury incidence and risk factors
  • Optimising work and rest schedules
  • Establishing strategies to enhance nutrition and hydration
  • Sports science support
  • Developing health education syllabi for adolescents
  • Provision of weight management clinics

We work internationally from our office based in the United Kingdom.

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Providing expert consultancy since 1996 to the UK public sector including:

  • Ministry of Defence (British Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force)
  • Department for Communities and Local Government (UK Fire and Rescue Service)
  • Home Office (Police Service)
  • Department of Health (Ambulance Service)
  • Environment Agency

United States

  • Invited by the United States Department of Defence to advise on Armed Forces fitness tests
  • Collaboration with the United States Army Public Health Command
  • Supporting UK Ministry of Defence user trials in Fort Polk, Louisiana


  • OPL established and managed the UAE Armed Forces Health and Sports Medicine Centre (HSMC) for four years and employed seven permanent health professionals based in country, successfully handing over the initiative to the UAE Armed Forces in 2012.
  • External UK teams undertook eight independent audits examining the Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness of high school students and Officer Cadets in the UAE Armed Forces.
  • OPL is partnered with the National Academy for Professional Training (NAPT) in Qatar to enhance performance during military, civil defence and oil and gas training.
  • OPL is working with their business advisor in Kuwait to explore opportunities to enhance performance in military and emergency service personnel.
  • OPL has forged a relationship with the Zubair Corporation and the International College of Engineering and Management (ICEM) in Oman, to enhance the research, education and training provided to emergency service and military personnel.


  • Provided consultancy during the development of physical selection standards for the Australian Armed Forces
  • Supported the UK Ministry of Defence in collaboration with the Australian Defence Force during equipment user trials conducted in the Northern Territories


  • In 2012 OPL conducted a study with Saab Technologies UK to measure the thermal and cardiovascular responses and hydration status of British Army soldiers during live firing exercises in Kenya and relate these measures to fire effectiveness.


  • In 2012 OPL completed a study with their partners Charismatic Consultancy Sdn Bhd for the Malaysian Armed Forces to examine training at the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM) and identify interventions to enhance health and physical performance.

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